Saturday, March 2, 2013

Soup is ready Digging In!!!!

I joined the Bead Soup party go to the link to follow the 500 bead artist that have sent bead soup packages all over the world to fellow bead artist to make wonderful jewelry to wear and love.  Go check it out.

 I got my soup  in the mail last weekend I have been looking at it and adding beads from my stash that I want to add for a little spice.  I like it spicy.  Before I get into my soup let me show you what I sent to my partner Terrryhere is a link to her blog if you have not stopped by yet.  Just a little recap Terry live up state New York, she has been beading for 6 years and has a great eye for color. Here is the Soup I sent to Terry

I took a beading class where I learned to make beaded flower that is what I sent to Terry for her focal. Then just for fun I made a small one and sent a key to help her unlock her creativity with this collection of beads.  Terry asked what kinds of stones I sent here and I an such a newbie that I didn't know I just buy beads that I love the way they look or their shape or how much they shine LOL.

Now for the soup that Terry sent me.  I wish I could have a little self control when it came to opening my box but I didn't so I don't have any pictures--- I tried to put it back together to take pictures but gave up.  I was the kid that unwrapped her Christmas gifts and re-wrapped then before my parents returned home.

Here is my soup and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at that cool glass bead on the top--- I love the texture and the colors.  Everytime I look at I see something different--- The bowl of soup is below I love it  I have some ideas but you have to wait until April 13 to see what I do.

This is going to bee too much Fun!!!!  
Thanks Terry



Anonymous said...

Hi, Natalie! I"m glad you liked everything. I did the same thing as you in my first Bead Soup. I was so excited to see everything, I just tore into the packaging, and I had to reassemble it later to try to take some pictures :). Now, I've learned to be a little more patient, LOL, although it's still a thrill to open that package! I really love my soup, and I love your handmade flowers.

vovsblog said...

Stopping by all the blogs taking part in the bead soup blog party. Cant wait to see what you make!

kathy stemke said...

Great soups! I’m part of the bead soup party. Looking forward to the reveals. I'm now following you. I have a new blog. Please consider following my jewelry blog. Thanks.