Sunday, May 12, 2013

FreeForm Sculptural Peyote Cuff with Jeannette Cook

My LBS (local bead shop) had classes with Jeannette Cook this weekend.  Click on her name to check out her website. Now I swore off seed bead, I really said that I would never take a seed bead class.  Well, I signed up for her Freeform Sculptural Peyote Cuff class that was this week. 

I love the class, this is what I have since Thursday night.  I spent some time off and on this weekend between draining my hot water heater that leaked all over the floor.

But I love it.  I just have to put the closure on the back of the bracelet and do a little more embellishment.  I can't wait for her to come back in 2015, by that time I should know how to right-angle weave.

Last weekend I made this cool orange and turquoise necklace--- I'm in love with orange I think is is the new black for me.

That is all I had time for this weekend that was fun.  I spent most of my day reading Social Studies standards for my National Board Teacher Certification journey.  I thought I was on the right path to begin writing this summer, but I'm not. 

Two weeks ago at the ceremony for the G. W. Bush library she had on this great gray pearl multi-strand necklace.  I googled her to get a closer look at it and found all the great jewelry that she has been wearing.  Don't you want to know what Barbara Bush is saying--- she is a hoot.

I am so looking for the beads to make this one

I love this off center necklace.  I just ordered the focal stone today from ZNET shows.