Saturday, April 27, 2013


I have been waiting months to show you what I made for my Bead Soup.  Participating in this was sooooo exciting for putting my soup together, then receiving mine from Terry, to visiting 500 great beading artist blogs.  Here is a small recap of my partner and what she sent to me. 
I just love the colors.  Now it took me some time before I knew what to do with the focal --------- I have to do some thing special.  During the time my soup was simmering  Tracy Stanely came to my local bead shop to teach Wire Jewelry classes. I took all but one because I knew I wanted to use what I learned to add some spice to my soup.

I'm a lucky girl right to have a local bead shop that brings great Jewelry Artist to Alaska.  If you ever have the chance to take a class from her she is a blast. The book is also wonderful.

 Well with that said it time to dish up my soup.  Come on and pull up a seat at my table.  Do smell creativity??? Let me know what you think.

 What do you think?? It is a two strand necklace I used eye-pins to put it together to give it movement and an organic feel when i wear it.  Let me tell you I were it all the time.The cranberry bead that Terry sent me just make the whole collection pop. I was also sent tiny flat beads in yellow, gray, and cream. What a collection.

Now lets talk about that focal bead is it to just die for.  When I opened the package I have never seen a bead that had so much detail so much to look at. I'm new to this beading thing.  Yes, I have jumped in with my eyes wide open but this bead was so lovely  tears of joy and honor came.  At that moment I was scared that my soup could not match up to what Terry had sent me, but she loved it and made some wonder full jewelry. Check it out here.  I'm going to give you a minute to savory the soup, taste the flavors, let the notes have a party in your mouth with each spoon full.

There were so many bead that I had to make a second necklace.  This one is a long single strand necklace that has a bohemian feel.  Are you ready for desert, that is exactly what this one is the icing on the cake --- 
 The focal bead is wrapped in two layers of metal that is pulled up about the bead to secure it in place

Let's start with the handmade copper clasp.

 More of those great ingredients that Terry sent in her soup. Don't those cranberry beads pop--- and those yellow one.  I think I forgot to mention two spices that were sent one was a light brown bead that I just loved--I have been looking for more of the color--- it was a neutral that I feel in love with, and the cream bead that you see mixed through-out both pieces.

Let me give you a second to finish your desert.

The heart I made in Tracey's class it is 2 layers of metal that has been texturized.  The heart in the center it wire that is wrapped and beads wired inside. 
I hope that you liked the meal---- drop me a line and let me know if this rookie did Terry's Bead Soup.  Don't forget to go over to Terry's to see what she did with my soup