Monday, February 18, 2013

Soup's ON

 I love a challenge and I love swaps--- Bead Soup is the best swap of all.  I get to send a mixture of bead, a focal and a clasp to my partner and she get's to stir my soup with her creativity and I get to do the same with her soup.  Doesn't that sound fantastic??

Here is the peek of my soup

The Soup is done and it will be on it’s way the the state of New York.  It was a blast mixing, tasting and a pinch of this color and pinch of that color until it was bowl of color.  This is my first Bead Soup--- I love the book and the idea of stepping out of my color zone to see how Terry’s soup feeds my creative soul.

With all that said let me  introduce you to my Bead-Souper partner. Terry Matuszyk  from upper New York State.  Terry got into beading about 6 years after taking a class she said  it was love a first bead.  I love her work. Terry has a vintage vibe with a burst of color---- I like that!!!!!  We are a pair of gals that are not afraid of color or trying combinations that make you think and say I like that.

In the past  we have both taken a few seed bead class however neither of us have worked much with them.  I personal have the philosophy that you need to see it from a moving bus, but I love the work of seeders (is that a word??) 

We both wish we could just bead all day, but then we would need money to buy all those lovely beads that call our name while we try to sleep.  So we get up every day to go to work to support or beading habit.

Here are a few link to my partners Esty store-- check it out I I hope she motivates me to get my store up and open

Pink Chapeau   


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Anonymous said...

Natalie, thanks for the nice write up, and link to my shop ♥. I love the way you made the picture a I have no idea what I am getting!!!! Can't wait to see everything and get started!!!!