Sunday, January 13, 2013

I have a new love!!!!

It has been a long time since I posted.  We all know how life gets busy and we think the create force has left us because of other responsibilities.  That is what has happened to me theses past months.  I spent most of my summer quilting for the 2012 holiday craft shows.  I don't understand how I worked so hard and had so little to show for my summer and 2 bolts of wonder-under.

As much as quilting will always be my first love, I really want to move to smaller items.  At the end of the school year my BFF Dianne took me to a new bead shop that opened in Anchorage.  I fell in love at first sight, there were cases of crystals. pearls, and stones.  I have been making jewelery  like a woman that can't get enough (hmmmmm pie, LOL)

This was the necklace that I made for a friend for Christmas, but I have to wear it to work  to see if it didn't fall apart ( well that is the story I'm sticking with).  I fell in love with it and it is mine. I had to make her another one that she loved.

I loved making this necklace two strands of stones mixed with fashion beads mixed with chains and a metal flower pendent. It is about 23 inches in length.

 The necklace  focus is one on the pendents from the mixed-media artist collection found at Micheal's. The bottom strand is pink tear-drop glass beads mixed with glass pearls.  The first strand is a mix of fashion beads and crystals.

 More to come tomorrow.  I told you I have fallen in love with beading.

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