Monday, January 14, 2013

A Little Bling for my wrist

Anthropologie Cuff
Wonder Woman Cuff

Have I told you how much I LOVE Pinterest??? I didn't think so I have found sooooooo much stuff out the just waiting for me to pin, LOL.  While I was out there looking for jewelery ideas I found a few pins that were knock-off from a store called Anthropologie. Remember that I live in Alaska and  we don't have the store up in Anchorage, but I love it, I love the style and I really love the accessories.

I love this one
The first knock off I love it.  It is made on a metal cuff that I ordered from BeadWork Supplies (living in Alaska you almost have to order items, thank God for online shops.

  1. First  I covered the metal cuff with Jacquard ribbon which I had to order from Renaissance Ribbons
  2. Below in the picture you see how I stitched the  the Yo-Yo's together that will  go across the front of the cuff.
  3.  The first cuff I made I stitched the Yo-Yo's on the cuff before I added the embellishment this was too hard I needed a curved needle. Never again.   I keep it flat and add my jewels.  When I think I have it covered I us a little hot glue in the centers of the Yo-Yo's them I hand stitch it on to the cuff on the edges.
  4. I had to call home to get  my Mom's vintage pins to use on these cuffs
  5. Here is where you  can find the directions Flamingo Toes

Project Supplies

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