Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Top 6 UFO

In one of the many quilting groups that I belong to (hmmmm this could be the reason that I don't get as much done as I want) but that will be another post. In this group we have decided to pick 12 UFO and get them completed this year. I wanted to start with my top 6 once they are done and my last 6 UFO projects. Here we go in the order I want to work on them.

1. Is a project that was started 3 years ago when my quilt guild had Cara Gulati come and teach 3-D Explosion. Mine is almost done I just need to sew the cones down and quilt the background. I just hope the take reside comes out.

2. Two Summers ago I joined a newly formed Modern Quilt Guild. I didn't say long but at one of the meeting a woman shared how to make cathedral window blocks. I loved this block and it was soooo. So I when out and found a book, some great fabric, I had the center cream silk in my stash. Well I have bolt of it I found at JoAnn's for $2.00 a yard--- I have to get all of it, Right?? Who could leave silk on the table of misfit fabric??? Well I need to quilt it I have been thinking about hand quilting it----

3. This is from a class that I took from my good friend Maria Shell. I will share some of her work later in this blog. This class was all about curved piecing. I cut so many strips that I made 2 quilts. I'm only putting one in the top 6----

4. Is a top I made from the Gee Bend quilt collection all that is left to do is quilt it. I would like to try quilting in straight lines like Nancy Crow

5. This was started 2 years ago at the Anchorage Fiber Festival where I took a class from Kathyanne White, my BFF. I love this piece it has digital images, printed can metal and I beaded the heck out of it. I just need to finish it or it could be finished I just need to go shopping for a frame.


6. Is a class I took from a local teacher from the Quilted Symphony book. All it needs is binding, hanger and label-- what's stopping me

Here it is my top 6 project that I have to have done by the time 2013 rolls in---- wish me luck

Done 2/12/12

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